Development Application



The proposed changes are designed to maintain and improve:

  • the usability of the existing space
  • the use of the waterway for the provision of much needed boat storage
  • visual amenity of the heritage wharf to residents and visitors
  • ease of operations
  • security

Operations would not change:

  • No change to current drop-off and pick-up restrictions is proposed – operations would remain the same.
  • The marina would be used by a mix of commercial vessels, similar to those currently using the marina.
Historic building on Jones Bay Marina

What would change


Reconfiguration of some areas of the alongside linear berthing to stern to wharf style berths, an increase in the overall number of berths by nine from 31 to 40 berthing spaces, including the existing linear berthing. 

  • Current approval: 21 berths on the Western side and 10 on the Eastern side
  • Proposed: 18 berths on Western side and 22 on the Eastern side

View proposed configuration


  • A marina management office space close to vessels and operations. 
  • An amenity space.
  • Seven storage spaces.

View indicative artist’s impressions of the proposed concept designs of the facility spaces

Planning pathway and next steps

  • Secretary’s Environmental Assessment Requirements (SEARS) provided by the Department of Planning and Environment informed the scope of the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).
  • Preliminary consultation was held with key stakeholders during the preparation of the EIS.
  • A Designated Development Application (DA) was submitted to Council and placed on public exhibition from Friday 3 June to Friday 1 July 2022 and Toga will respond to any issues raised.
  • Council will undertake their assessment and make a recommendation to the Local Planning Panel who will determine the DA.  

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Further information is also included in the FAQs.

All formal submissions must be made to City of Sydney.